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Winter Course - Values under Pressure

Winter Course - Values under Pressure

This is the site with information about the CHE Winter Course

For the third subsequent year we will host the Winter Course in the Netherlands for Christian students from all over the world. We invite you to participate in 14 days of extensive learning; sharing and multiplying.
You will be our guest at CHE (Ede Christian University of Applied Sciences), located in the center of our small country.

Some key concepts of the program:

  • experiential learning
  • personal approach
  • never a dull moment (with a lot of different activities)
  • cross cultural all over the place (especially since you will stay with Dutch students at their 'room')
  • challenging conversations about all the important aspects of life (faith, relationships, parties, etc.)

The program is open for students with all kinds of majors. The learning process essentially experiential and not topic-oriented. Three subjects will play an important part, but they can be connected to each major. These topics are: professional ethics; challenges in Europe and cross cultural self management.

Wiel in sneeuw 

Week Subject CHE Faculty Course Leader
 1 Profession and Ethics Harm Hilvers, Jan Lok Harm Hilvers
 2 European Culture and the Global Crises Douwe Schaaf, Jan Lok Douwe Schaaf

During the CHE Winter Course excursions will be organized to Zeeland, Brussels, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.


We kindly invite students from all universities around the world with different cultural backgrounds to participate. Yes, we are open to all kinds of students. We especially Christian students from 'secular' universities to join us in two weeks of in depth experiences.

You will stay with Dutch students and/ofr families in their apartments to really experience Dutch culture at student level.

Students will gain knowledge and personal skills on these subjects and learn to study and work with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Expected expenses

The CHE Winter Course is free of tuition. The expected costs for the students will be around € 300 per week, including board & lodging transportation costs and a bike. You probably need around € 50 per week for additional costs

For more information, please contact us:
Everything about the organizational aspects (housing, food, transportation, finances, a.s.o.): Martine de Gier at international-MO@che.nl.
Everything about the content of the Winter Course: Jan Lok (Project Manager Winter Course) at jlok@che.nl.  

If you want to apply, contact the International office of the CHE by internationaloffice@che.nl


A draft version of the schedule

The first week

Saturday January 7

Arrival in Amsterdam, 11:00 AM at a Hostel. Meeting with professor(s) and student(s) of CHE
Walking tour through the center of Amsterdam
Guided tour with visits to several Christian NGOs in the Red Light District

Sunday January 8

Visit to one of the Services of Hillsong Amsterdam
Q&A with Petra Schoen, colleague at CHE and member of the Leadership Team at Hillsong
Time to visit one of the great Amsterdam museums (suggestion: Rijksmuseum or Van Gogh Museum)
An evening canal boat tour

Monday January 9 Leaving in the morning for Ede, by train
Introductory lecture about the Dutch culture and the program of the two weeks
Tour around the University (it can be done in 15 minutes ;-))
Handing over your main transport system for 12 days: a rented bicycle
Meeting with your host where you will stay for one or two weeks
Tuesday January 10

Morning: Start of the four day course in Profession and Ethics
You have to develop (within a cross cultural project group) a movie clip about a challenging moral dilemma in a professional context 
Afternoon: Visit to Holland Open Air Museum in Arnhem

Wednesday January 11  Morning: working in project groups
Afternoon: company visit and debriefing at CHE
Thursday January 12 Working in project groups. Finalizing the movie clip  
Friday January 13 Morning: Presentation of the videos
Afternoon: trip to the center of Utrecht, by train

The second week

The second ending
Saturday January 14 A day at the waves. A trip (by bus) to the magnificent province of Zeeland, where there is a continuous struggle with the sea  
Sunday January 15 Morning: visit (by bicycle) to the International Church Fellowship of Wageningen
Afternoon: visit to the Kroller Muller Museum in Ede with plenty van Goghs and other impressionists
Monday January 16

Morning: debriefing and specifying personal learning goals
Lectures about Europe (History, The System, current problems)
Exploring a subject for a small research in pairs

Tuesday January 17 Travelling to Brussels (Belgium) by bus
Visiting main spots of the European Union, including a tour around the European Parliament
Exploring the center of Brussels
Wednesday January 18 Interviewing people on the streets of Brussels (in the center) about a current challenge within Europe
Some time for shopping
Evening: going 'home' to Ede
Thursday January 19

Morning: Leaving for Rotterdam 
Visiting one or two Christian NGO's, dealing with 'city problems'

Friday January 20

Morning: preparing for sharing the learning outcomes of the two weeks
Afternoon: Sharing the learning outcomes and the results of the street interviews
Evening: farewell party 

Saturday January 21 The end ;-( of the organized part op the trip
Some group members will leave for Amsterdam, accompanied by a Dutch student
Sunday January 22 Visit to unknown parts of Amsterdam and probably a day at the museums  
Monday January 23  

 Disclaimer: this schedule still is a draft version of the program