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Nando Kasteleijn

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Erwin van de Zande

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General Information

Cornerstone University is a Christ-centered university with a passion for global influence through the transforming power of the gospel.

CU is an interdenominational institution located in Grand Rapids, Mich. offering traditional undergraduate programs as well as adult undergraduate and graduate programs through the Professional & Graduate Studies division, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary and Asia Baptist Theological Seminary.

CU also produces the multifaceted broadcast outreaches of Cornerstone University Radio.

At Cornerstone, we live and work passionately, and expect nothing but the best for and from our students.

Academically, you’ll get a highly regarded education in an environment where Jesus Christ is central. We’ll challenge you to think critically and push yourself to greatness. In the end, when you walk out with your diploma and begin the next phase of your life, you will be prepared to make more than a living — you’ll be ready to make a difference.


Adult & Graduate


Bible, Religion, & Ministry

Associate Degrees

Master of Divinity

Teacher Education

Bachelor Degrees

Master of Arts in Counseling


Graduate Programs

Master of Arts Old Testament



Master of Arts New Testament

Kinesiology, Science, & Mathematics

Online Offerings

Master of Arts Historical Theology

Communications & Media

Global Business Experience

Master of Arts Systematic Theology



Master of Arts in Educational Ministries

Social Science


Master of Arts in Intercultural Ministries


Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies


Master of Theology (TH.M