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USAnders 2016

This site is developed to share information about a trip of 24 CHE students to Cornerstone University.

It is part of a the minor/course 'USAnders' in which the students learn about

  • American culture (in relation to history, religion, politics, economy and geography);
  • The way this culture influences the professional environment in the US;
  • Their Dutch professional environment by experiencing similarities and differences;
  • Themselves by mirroring in contact with American people, esp. students.

The strong learning environment consists of (at least) the following elements:

  • Preparation by studying all kinds of sources, related to the personal interest of the students. The preparation is acknowledged by an extensive Take Home Test.
  • Developing personal hypotheses, based on interest and prejudices. These hypotheses have to be explored during their time at the Campus of Cornerstone University.
  • Developing professional hypotheses within project groups which will be examined during the two weeks at the Cornerstone University.
  • Visits to all kinds of general cultural events (Griffens, Amway, WoodTV8, Detroit - the city in transition, Ford factory/museum, Mel Trotter project in social work/welfare, RBC-Ministries, Chicago, a.s.o.).
  • Visits to institutions, relevant to their professional education.
  • Participating in 'class'.
  • Experiencing differences and similarities in Christianity by
    • participating in Chapels at the university;
    • discussing cities in transition like Detroit;
    • attending two church services and
    • a lot of conversations, dialogue with American students.
  • Living on Campus, amidst of 1500 American students, with all their strange habits.
  • Some debriefing sessions in which the Dutch 'professor' supports the learning curves of the students by encouraging them to reflect on a higher/deeper level.
  • This exchange between Cornerstone University and CHE started in 2013.
  • When we posted information about this particular trip on Facebook, we got all kinds of feedback by alumni, expressing their experiencing with the cliché: 'yes, it probably were the most exciting weeks of my life'.
  • So, the stakes are high ;-)