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General Information

This site is developed to share information about a trip of 24 CHE students to Messiah College.
It is part of a the course 'USAnders' in which the students learn about
  • American culture (in relation to history, religion, politics, economy and geography);
  • The way this culture influences the professional environment in the US;
  • Their Dutch professional environment by experiencing similarities and differences;
  • Themselves by mirroring in contact with American people, esp. students.

The strong learning environment consists of (at least) the following elements:

  • Preparation by studying all kinds of sources, related to the personal interest of the students. The preparation is acknowledged by an extensive Take Home Test.
  • Developing personal hypotheses, based on interest and prejudices (see attachment). These hypotheses have to be explored during their time at the Campus of Messiah College.
  • Developing professional hypotheses within project groups which will be examined during the two weeks at the College.
  • Visits to all kinds of general cultural events (Farm Show, the Capitol of Harrisburg; de battlefields of Gettysburg; Washington DC; heritage of Independence in Philadelphia, a.s.o.).
  • Visits to institutions, relevant to their professional education.
  • Participating in 'class'.
  • Experiencing differences and similarities in Christianity by participating in Chapels at the College; a visit to some Amish families; attending two church services and a lot of conversations.
  • Living on Campus, amidst of 2000 American students, with all their strange habits.
  • Some debriefing sessions in which the Dutch 'professors' (Kor van der Helm & Jan Lok) support the learning curves of the students by encouraging them to reflect on a higher/deeper level.

This exchange between Messiah College and CHE started way back in 1995.
When we posted information about this particular trip on Facebook, we got all kinds of feedback by alumni, expressing their experiencing with the cliche: 'yes, it probably were the most exciting weeks of my life'.
So, the stakes are high ;-)

Kor & Jan