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Wednesday, 8th

Hello folks,

As you could see… the big bus is rolling in America! You see everybody’s picture in the (typically) yellow ‘American’  school bus.

You should think why are the Dutch Christian students far away from there cozy country Holland? Because we are visiting our partner, good connection and campus of the Messiah college in our exchange minor/program USAnders.  This minor has different goals because we want to learn more from the culture in this melting pot country, we will improve our English speaking and listening, we want to know more about the history (example: is there still a American Dream?!) and we all have three or more research questions in the form of hypotheses in all different kind of themes! From the policy of the messiah college through the influences of speeches from the American presidents.. everybody has wonderful and complex research questions!

You should think: how was the first day? Because this is a blog! The first day at Messiah college was the 8th of January. For many Dutch students it wasn’t the first day in The States! You should think, not the first day? Yes, a lot of Dutch students arrived in America before New Year’s Eve.  Was the CHE paying that.. you should think a yes! But no, many Dutch students made this trip a longer travel/holiday. Some students were in NY..

When others were visiting their family...

So the plan was to meet around 3.30 pm in Newark Airport. Everybody was on time, except for Chiel-Jan, Sietse, Mara, Adrian and Bennie. They missed the game of the Messiah basketball team vs Lycoming College. It was a close call, but the messiah falcons won the game with three points ahead. The result was 79 point for Messiah against 76 point for the away playing team Lycoming.

First day: everybody arrived safely, some people are delayed but above all thanks to Jan Lok, John Bechtold, Jenny Dose, Kor van der Helm, Vanessa Schinner, Zach Smith and Nienke Meijers that we are hosted by many people here in the campus, we all appreciate what they’ve done and are still doing for the USAnders group!