• Nando Kasteleijn

Nando Kasteleijn

Student Communication

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Erwin van de Zande

Student Communication

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Jeanine Muijs

Student Nursery


Thursday, 9th

After a good nights sleep we started the first day. For some of the guys in our group it was nice to see some of the people who went to The Netherlands this past May. The day started in one of the cafeteria at the school called Lottie or the Falcon. At Lottie you can get as much food as you want. At the Falcon you have to order by a computer and than your breakfast will be made. After the breakfast we started our class about American culture.

Professor John Bechtold asked us about important documents, values, events and the CHE. We saw that there are no documents that define the Netherlands. The next activity we did, was a game similar to “guess who?” Everyone had a sticker on his or her forehead with an important document, value, event or something about Messiah. We had to ask our classmates about these subjects.

Mind the coffee box
 Part of the Iced Tea Dept @Weis

After the class we went to Weis. Weis is a grocery store where you can get food and groceries. The Americans call it a small store, but we say it’s rather large. Everybody bought their food and drinks, especially breakfast was a hot item.
In the late afternoon we had a meeting with Jan Lok to talk about what was happening, if there were questions and so on. The evening we had time for ourselves so some of us did homework, some went to play hockey and others did nothing.