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Thursday, 16th

Hi everyone,

Today was maybe for the most of us the greatest day in this two weeks. We went to the Amish, which is an exceptional chance. John Bechtold has some friends at the Amish, due to his contacts we could spend a day between Amish people. Before we left, we had a class about the Amish. John told us about them and their core values (faith, family and community) and how they see the world. We left at 11.30 am, after driving one hour we arrived at the first Amish house, where we met Isaiah. Isiah is a farmer and manufacturer. He manufactures snow & grain shovels. He showed us how he makes this shovels, with some machines, and told us enthusiastic about his work. He asked us some question, for example about the Netherlands and our dikes. He was surprised when we told how big these are and asked us from what material these are made. 

After the first visit we went to another Amish family, Elmar, Katy and their four children. They went with us to the Amish school near the farm. We arrived at the little school, which looked like a school from ‘Little house on the prairie.’ There were 25 children in the school (6-12 years old), more girls than boys, they were so sweet! We were standing in front of the class with 24 students.  John Bechtold showed them where the Netherlands is on the globe. They were silent and listening carefully all the time. Mara told the children about ice-skating. We also showed them a picture with lots of tulips on it. One girl said: “wooow and put her hands over her mouth”, so cute! John brought big, yellow wooden shoes and asked the kids if they want to try them. They walked around with the wooden shoes, it was so nice to see! The girls worn long dresses, some with colors or prints, it was nice to see that the girls from the same families worn the same dresses. After we showed them some typical Dutch things, we sang three songs for them. The first was ‘Hoofd, schouders, knie en teen’, the second was the national anthem and the last one was ‘Een rivier vol van vrede’ with gestures. After we sang this last song, they stand up and try to do the gestures from the last song with us. John asked the children if they knew what snack time is and they knew it. We gave them some little stroopwafels (typical dutch J) the children liked them very much. They also sang a song for us, it was really a beautiful Christian song. I think all of us want to stay longer with this children, because they were so cute, and had smiles on their faces, but we had to go. We went back to Elmar’s farm and saw his cows, horses and pigs. His little boy showed us the guinea pigs. We get delicious chocolate milk(from his own cows J) and four different kinds of cheese, it was very good.   

The next family we visited, was Jake, his wife and children. Jake is a farmer like a lot of Amish men. He told us about working on the farm and his two little boys helping him each day. He told us some personal things, his had an open attitude and we appreciated that. We asked him questions about the Rumspringa and about his own children. We asked him if he is not worried or afraid that after Rumspringa his children won’t come back. He said that he really wants that his children will stay at the Amish and be baptized but it is their own choice. It is most important for him that his children serve the Lord. Jake’s wife makes quilts with some other woman. They have a little shop, where she sells all kind of self-made things like quilts and potholders. Some of us bought some souvenirs.

The Amish are known as people who make the best meals in the world, we agree! Another Amish family made a delicious meal for us (30 persons!). We got meatloaf, chicken nudels, beans, bread, pickles and raspberry bowl. At the end we got a fabulous dessert, with kind of brownie and banana cream pie. After the meal some of us bought a book with Amish recipes or self-made potholders.

It was an amazing day, we will tell more about it when we are back in the Netherlands. One week to go, we will enjoy our last days here!

God bless you!

Harm en Manon
  The local school for all classes
  Just pictures of Amish buildings and
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