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Sunday, 12th

Hi Dutchies, How are you doing over there? We're doing great at Messiah College. I had an excellent day today! I think it was my best day so far since I arrived in the United States. 

We left "early" in the morning to visit the Westshore church. It is a huge church which gets visited by almost 2000 people each sunday. After the service we were split up in duo's to lunch and get to know American people from the Westshore Church.
Jeroen and I got to meet June and Tom Welsh and their friend Matt. They were one of the most amazing people I've ever met. They live (together with their dog Clifford) at a huge farm in the little village called East-Berlin. June cooked delicious food: as you can see on the picture below. And as a dessert we got Pumpkin pie, which I never ate but it was delicious!! 
Tom and Matt took us shooting which was really scarry in the beginning because I never held a weapon in my hand before. But when I fired my first shot, I didn't want to stop anymore: it was soooo amazing!! We had a lot of fun. We did not only use a 22 but also a big, semi-automatic weapon. I just loved it. 
After the shooting they took us to Hershey, it is a town which is famous because of their chocolate. We got a tour over there and of course bought a lot of chocolate to bring home. 
I told June today: there are a lot of things I did for the first time today and it simply was an amazing day! 
I added some pictures, just to give you a little impression. 

Xoxo from Messiah College, Vanessa Schinner