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Saturday, 18th - Washington

One word to describe this day: incredible!
We went to Washington D.C. which is the capital of the USA. It is such an amazing city. We all had a lots of fun today.
We started this day with a visit to the Arlington Cemetery. Arlington is tha national military cemetery. It was established during the Civil War on the grounds of Arlington house. It was very impressive to see all the headstones lined up. Then we got to see the Memorial Amphitheater, which was very beautiful and made many of us think of the theaters in Rome, Italy. After that we saw the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It is a monument that stands on top of a hill, where you get an overview of Washington D.C. The changing of the guard takes place there on every hour of the day.
The House of Arlington Memorial Amphitheater

After the Arlington Cemetery we were dropped off at the Lincoln Memorial. Here we could see Abraham Lincoln sitting on his chair looking towards the Washington Memorial and the State Capitol. The area in between is called The Mall and is filled with monuments about different wars and tragedy’s the American history has known. On our way to the White House we were able to see some of the monuments. When we arrived at the White House, it was filled with tourists who want a picture of the most important house in America. Some students of the group even saw Michelle Obama and got a small glimpse of her.

Seeing the memorials, the White House and walking in the awfully cold weather, it was a pleasure to walk into the museums of Washington. You can visit so many of them in the city and almost every one of them is free! We were able to visit the American History Museum. Over there you can find the original ruby shoes of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, the dresses of all the first ladies and lots of American treasures. After that we went to the Natural History Museum to see exhibitions on earliest human origins, ancient animals like dinosaurs and sea creatures and all kinds of different species that have walked on this earth.

In the little time we had left we wanted to visit the Air and Space Museum and for a short moment we saw very old and very new planes, heroes in the history of aircraft and even touched a real piece of the moon.