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Nando Kasteleijn

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Erwin van de Zande

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Jeanine Muijs

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Monday, 20th

Dear diary,

Today it was MLK day, the full version of this day is called Martin Luther King Day Jr. Day of Service. This day is a day off when there is no college, but it is not just a day off it is about all kind of volunteering. So there are no lessons but the college encourages doing some volunteering on this day. At 8.30 we went on the buses to Harrisburg. First we had a presentation about MLK day and they gave an award to someone who accomplished so much in volunteering at the streets like community care. It was impressive, because before he got the award they showed us videotapes where friends and family told us why he deserved the award.  They said he was very enthusiastic about his job and he did it with so much compassion and was selfless that would inspire other people. Well, when he was thanking all the people you still could feel his compassion about his job. It was great to see someone getting an award and seeing he really wanted to go further than this goal.

After the presentation we went to Downey an elementary school. In that school there was so much work that had to be done. It was a school that was picked out of a lot of elementary schools with financial problems, so the government gave them money to clean up and make it safer and cozier. There were different kinds of jobs that had to be done. The walls needed to be painted, the library needed to organized and the hallway needed to be decorated.


After an hour of painting the walls, some of us went to the center of Harrisburg to help the mayor of Harrisburg with his MLK project. In the center of Harrisburg there was a building called Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. City Government Center. They said the building might be cleaned for the first time it was build and that was in 1981.  We found out it was very dirty. Some of us had to clean the windows in the inside. After four times of cleaning it was still sticky but we saw some results. Others mopped the floors; others were organizing stuff from one room to another.

After hours of hard work we got back to Downey’s and ended this day of volunteering. It was a great experience to do this for others, even though we didn’t get paid for it. The people at the City hall but also at Downey’s were very thankful for the cleaning up and making the rooms beautiful.


In the evening we had a lovely diner, which was provided by the Agape people. Agape is an organization at the campus that creates all kind of volunteering opportunities, even across the borders. It is possible to do some activities with children or help at places that got destroyed by, for example, hurricanes.


To summarize this long day of work, we had a wonderful experience and we are thankful for the opportunity that was given to us!


Hugs and kisses.

Hanneke and Hilde.