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Friday, 17th

Friday 17th – Paxton Ministries, Four seasons

Today we had an amazing day again!
For people who do social studies, there was the possibility to go to the Paxton Ministry Home For Need.  The Paxton Ministry is a private clinic for elderly people with mental disability and some of them have Paxton Ministry. Hilde and I (Lizette) went to the Paxton ministry. We had a lot of fun. We talked with many clients, they thought it was very special that we came from the Netherlands. We made also gingerbread trains with them. They liked it a lot and wanted to make more and more because we told them that they could eat it after making. I am sure that they would not have lunch because they were so full of eating the trains.  And Hilde played piano with a man. He was so good! It was amazing to hear it! - Hilde was also well! Now I know her talent! ;) -
After these amazing experience we went home for going to Four Seasons Produce.


At 13.00 pm we went to Four Seasons Produce Inc. in the afternoon. In Holland we would call this a distribution center. We came together in a meeting room before we split up in three different groups to get a tour trough the whole company.  Four Seasons is moved in 2004 from all different buildings to one big building where every part of the company is included. The three guides were all managers from different departments at Four Seasons. We were guided trough the whole company where we could see how orders are prepared. Our guide told us that the floor workers needed to prepare their orders in 36 minutes. When they did the work faster, they would get a bonus above their minimum wage. Four Seasons has done a lot of research about finding the most efficient ways to storage their food. All the products they buy and sell are food products. There are different areas for all kind of food, one room has a temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit and another one 20 degrees, just the temperature which is optimal for the kind of food. We could also see the offices, the conference rooms, the restaurant and the drivers room. Four seasons owns about 125 trucks, which drive all over the east coast. They made a special room for drivers so they have a nice place where they can sit or watch television while they are waiting. We thought it was a very nice solution for the drivers.

After the tour we came back at the meeting room where we got something to drink and where we got a presentation from Four Seasons CEO, Ron Carkosi.  He told us a lot about the companies culture and we could ask as many questions as we wanted. They were very open en very friendly to us. After Ron we had two other presentations. One from Rob Kurtz, he was vice president and general manager from Sunrise Logistics, a subsidiary of Fours Seasons and he told us about this company. The last presentation was from Randy Groff, director of facilities and energy, so he told us about their use of energy.  

It was a very nice visit to Four Seasons, because of their openness and really good hospitality. We learned a lot about their company and they have given their business cards to some students, because they would like to have some foreign interns. So in conclusion, it was another very good day in America!


Lizette and Janine