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Friday, 10th

WITF & Farm Show

Today we went to WITF (multimedia station) and to the Farm Show. We have had a guided tour around the WITF building. The tour started at two o’clock and ended at four o’ clock. The guide was a retired architect and he had worked his whole life on a university so he was very excited about giving this tour to students. During the tour we had the opportunity to interview the program director from the radio and television department. A few journalism students in our group became really excited and asked a lot of questions. After that interview the tour continued. We could sit in a really big, nice meeting room with large seats. We had to interview the vice president for human resources and his assistant. We could ask them all kind of questions which was really interesting. We ended the tour with an example from the reality, about reading a teleprompter (autocue) and pretending like we were real hosts. It was recorded and it had the background from Sesame Street.

It was a really nice tour but we had to go back again to the bus because we had to leave for the Farm Show. The Farm Show was really busy; there were lots of people. Everyone told us we should try the milkshake. John Bechtold told us: ‘Eat a lots of food, but remember: don’t touch the animals’. So the first thing we ran into was the food hall. We tried the funnel cakes at first, which is a Pennsylvanian specialty. It tasted really good. It is deep fried dough with sugar powder. To give you a good impression of the Farm Show, here are some photos.

  Funnel Cakes


The World famous Milkshake - vanilla and chocolate


Hitch and Drive


And... the butter sculpture - made by Jim Victor in more than 15 days using 1,000 pounds of butter


Greetings from Messiah!
Marlies, Janine, Anneke