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General Information

This year the Project "Bringing Cultures Together" will also be implemented in Romania. We are looking forward to meet and see our counterparts and to discuss four special topics within the context of International Human Resource Management.

These topics are:

  1. Team Engagement - modern methods of motivation and involvement of teams
  2. Professional Career opportunities and realities in Romania/The Netherlands
  3. The new generation of leaders
  4. The influence of organizational culture on the performance of the organization

On each of these topics the students will carry out research in Romanian international organizations, which are based in Timisoara.

International business is getting more and more important in a globalized context. All kinds of European organizations have to deal with cross cultural communication and interaction in order to work effectively at an international level. HR has to play an important role in a number of these issues.

With this in mind, about nine years ago, CHE started a cross cultural project with the participation of Romanian and Dutch students.

It is an achievement that international partners like the West University of Timisoara and the Ede Christian University for Applied Sciences are collaborating so smoothly within this project for so long.

This year the colleagues from the of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration organized the project in Timisoara. So a lot of credits is going to Prof. Dr. Nicolae Aurelian Bibu, Head of Management Department and to his colleague Dr. Ec. Denisa Abrudan .

The cross-cultural HRM project has been realized nine times with distinctive results. The core of the project is an educational process, in which students from different cultures are depending on the input of students from another different culture.