• Nando Kasteleijn

Nando Kasteleijn

Student Communication

  • Erwin van de Zande

Erwin van de Zande

Student Communication

  • Jeanine Muijs

Jeanine Muijs

Student Nursery


30 October 2014

The Dean of the Vest University welcomed us in this edition of Bringing Cultures Together.

Also de manager of the Management Faculty addressed kind words of welcome and he emphasised the need for international collaboration.

A group of professional Romanian dancers opened the workshop of this morning.

All the present participants enjoyed the performance of the dancers...!

Students from the William Shakespeare Highschool made a very nice comparisson between Romania and the Netherlands.

Although some students were a bit nervous, they did an excellent job!

Agata Pierscieniak, PhD, Eng, held a workshop concerning the future of students and how communication in an international context can be improved.

The students did participate actively.

At the TRW company employees shared their experience of making a career.

A lot of questions were asked and it seems the students were satisfied...!

The group "International Training & Development" visited a second company: BRD.

Some employees of BRD shared their view on the benefits of having adequate training...

The representative of the DUO Group explained the latest developments in compensation & benefits... 

It was an example how much effort and passion they put into their contribution!