• Nando Kasteleijn

Nando Kasteleijn

Student Communication

  • Erwin van de Zande

Erwin van de Zande

Student Communication

  • Jeanine Muijs

Jeanine Muijs

Student Nursery


27 October 2014

Visiting the Museum of the Revolution; listening to personal stories of people who were involved in the revolution...

Watching a movie, which showed the main events of the three days during revolution at Timisoara in 1989...

It was amazing how many reports and newspaper articles they posess...

Seeing the self made holes in the flag; no communism anymore!

A group picture in front of the Museum of the Revolution.

The group "Recruitment and Selection" is visiting Bosch Service Solutions.

The group "Professional Career opportunities and realities" is visiting TRW.

Two groups are visiting DUO Group SRL: the group "Compensation and Benefits" and the group "International Training & Development". 

In front of the Opera: Monday evening attending the opera La Traviata of G. Verdi...!!!

Before the performance starts a view from the balcony...

and opposite the Opera, at the other site of the "piata": the Cathedral...

Having affordable seats in the top wings...

a lot of glamour and glitter; a spectacular performance!