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Erwin van de Zande

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Recruitment and Selection of Staff For International Assignment

Hello dear students in Romania,

We would like to introduce ourselves with this letter. Our names are: Corwin Roos, Jeroen Groot and Vanessa Schinner. At this moment we study Human Resource Management at the Christian University in Ede, a small town in the Netherlands.  We look forward to meet you and your country, because we have never been there. To get to know us a little bit better, every one of us is going to introduce him or herself briefly:

My name is Vanessa Schinner, as you see I am the only girl in this project group. I am 22 years old and live in Arnhem with my boyfriend and my little cat called Brownie. I was born in Germany but I am living in the Netherlands for ten years now. I know that some Romanian students speak German, so when my English is too bad, I will talk German with you.

I am Jeroen Groot and I live in a small village in the middle of the Netherlands named Westbroek. I am a happy young man who loves to do sport; I sport three times a week. Besides that, I think it is very important to do fun things with my friends. Since a month I have a girlfriend with who I spend a lot of time. My English is not that good but I will try to learn from you and others in your country to speak a little bit better English. It is a challenge for me but I look forward to challenge myself.

My name is Corwin Roos, 23 years old and I live in Amersfoort which is the center of Holland. I grew up in a nice neighborhood called Hoogland. I am a 3th year HRM student at the Christian university in Ede, called the CHE.  Since 2003 I am working in the local supermarket branch. First in the Albert Heijn  and now in a firm called: Dirk van de Broek. Here I’m manager of my own team since 2008. My hobbies are: my work, going out with friends, hiking, spending time with my girlfriend and going on holidays.

From left to right: Jeroen, Vanessa and Corwin