• Nando Kasteleijn

Nando Kasteleijn

Student Communication

  • Erwin van de Zande

Erwin van de Zande

Student Communication

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Jeanine Muijs

Student Nursery


International Training and Development

from the left to the right

Hello! My name is Elsemiek den Braven and I'm 19 years old. I live in a little village near to Gorcum, the Netherlands. As you probably know, HRM is a wide profession. I would like to focus on job-coaching, which I am planning to do in my next internship. I have a relationship with my boyfriend Yoeri for over a year now. I am looking forward meeting you guys! See you in a few weeks! 

Hello everybody! My name is Debora van Hattem. I'm 19 years old. I live with 5 other students in a 'student-house' in Ede. I'm studying human resource management because I want to be a job-coach or a career counsellor. I think training and development is very important. I look forward to see some of Romania. 
See you guys soon!

My name is Bram Valkenburg and I am the person on the right. I am nineteen years old and I’ve lived my whole life in Ede. Developing people and organizations and supporting of development is something what gives me joy. That’s the main reason I am at my place at the education Human Resource Management. I have a relationship with my girlfriend Marinka for almost two years. Sports and music are two points which are very important to me. LinkedIn and Facebook are social media where you could find me.
I look forward in meeting you! 


Hello, my name is Yan Jing, I am 21 years old, I am a student in the first year at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. People always say I am a quiet girl, but not really. I like music and travel, so I also like to make new friends. I think we will become good friends and learn the different culture.
I am looking forward to meeting you!







Hello, my name is Minda Adrian, I am 21 years old, I am a student of the University of the west in Timisoara, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and I am majoring in Finance and Banking. I like to meet new people and experience new things and I believe this kind of projects helps me do that. I am an open-minded person and I like listening to music and playing team sports like basketball and football. I am looking forward to seeing what friendships this project will bring.