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My name is Jojanneke Blankespoor(I'm on the left). I'm a 23 years old Business - student at the Christian University of Applied Sciences in Ede, the Netherlands. I live with my parents, brothers en sisters near by the university. In my spare time I'm a volunteer and I'm often with my friends and boyfriend. I also like reading books and magazines.
During this period, in the third year of my study, I focus on International HR because I would like a career in an international context. HR is new for me, so I can learn a lot! I look forward to our trip to Romania, where we will meet each other and hopefully learn a lot. See you there!

Hello, my name is Pauline Eshuis (I'm on the right) and i'm from The Netherlands. I'm 20 years old and the things I like to do are singing, traveling and hanging out with friends. 
I sing in a gospel/praise band and love it. At the moment I'm in my third year of Human Resource Management. 
Other cultures interest me and is also one of the reasons that I love to travel. I'm really curious about how other countries deal with HR questions and doing business.

Hi, my name is Debora (I'm the middle) and I’m really looking forward to the trip to Timisoara. I love it to travel around the world and to learn about other (business) cultures. I’m 23 year old and in the third year of my study HRM. During the week you can find me in Ede, but in the weekends I mostly visit my parents in Bodegraven (where I aslo grew up). As you maybe know the Netherlands is well known by its cheese. And I was told that in Bodegraven most cheese of the country is stored. You're now maybe not suprised that I'm from a family of cheese traders. I’m realy looking forward to meet you in June!