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Career Planning

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Hi, my name is Ruchama Nap and I am 20 years old. I’m studying Human Resource Management at the Christian University of Applied Sciences, at this moment I’m in my third year. I live in a student apartment in Ede, the city where the university is located. I live together with 4 other students.
I chose the minor International HRM to learn more about HRM in an International context. I’m very curious to meet you and to share the different experiences and cultures from the Netherlands and Romania.
In my leisure time I like to meet my friends and family. Often we have dinner or a drink together. Besides that I love to play the piano or read books. I think our trip to Timisoara is a great opportunity to learn from each other. We’re looking forward to meet you! 

 Hi, my name is Suzanne. With Ruchama, Willemijn and Stephanie I will do research about career planning. For now, we will focus ourselves to the situation in The Netherlands and we hope to compare our situation with yours, when we are with you in Timisoara. I am studying Business and I am in the third year. I live in Gouda, the city who is famous from their cheese, you maybe heard about it. In The Netherlands, we don’t have a campus so I still live with my parents. I am excited about International HRM as well going on trip to Timisoara. I have never been to the Eastern part of Europe; therefore I am very curious about your country! Hope to meet you at the end of June! And for now… greets from The Netherlands!


Hi, my name is Willemijn Wiesenekker and I’m 20 years old. I’m a student at the Christian University of Applied Science, where I’m studying Human Resource Management. I chose this study because it’s related to people and business. During my study I life in Ede. I life with 5 roommates in an student apartment.
I like the way people act and how they behave in an organization. Going to Timisoara is an opportunity to see more of the world and to orient on International HRM. I’m curious to see how the students in Romania deal with the same kind of business casus as we do. What I like the most doing in leisure is to be with my friends and family. My hobbies are to hear music, spent my time with friends and to be with my boyfriend. Looking forward to meet you all! 

Hi everyone!
My name is Stephanie van de Craats, I'm 19 years old and I'm a third years Human Resources Management student at the Christian University @ the Netherlands (city: Ede - CHE). Besides my study I love traveling (including city trips), cooking, swimming, photographing ,… , and above all: enjoying life. I’m very interested in international experiences and combining this with the program ‘International HRM’ and going to Romania is such an opportunity. I hope to meet you in Romania and having a great time together; in working on the projects, in experiencing a new city, a new university, different cultures. Let’s experience new things and broaden our horizon! 




My name is Ioana Manafu, I'm 21 years old and i enjoy involving in many projects in the management field and especially in human resources. I study management at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration in Timisoara.I'm a dynamic person, I like to learn new things and meet new people, so I decided to participate in some extra-activity like Bringing cultures together.
My hobbies are: tennis, swimming, reading books.


Hy! My name is Madalina Pui and I'm 20 years old. I'm in my second year at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration in Timisoara where I study Management. My hobbies are traveling, going out with my friends, going to the gym and listening to music. I entered the project "Bringing Cultures Together" because I consider it a very interesting opportunity from which I can learn new things and meet new people from another culture.
I look forward meeting you!

Hi there! My name is Alex ALLOIN, I am 21 years old and sometimes I feel like I am 12! I am the kind of friendly person who enjoys life. Besides that, I am studying management at Faculty of Economics and Business Administration in Timisoara so I can be serious too. My hobbies are listening to music, watch movies. I am a fan of football but I’m interested only in Manchester united. My favorite sports are rugby, which I used to play 4 and half years, football and I love swimming. I decided to join this project because I am a curious person who is always interested to meet new people. And I think, "Bring cultures together", is the kind of project that can teach me a lot of things. I am impatient to see you !!

Hi! My name is Denis Vintan. I’m 21 years old and I study management at West University of Timisoara.
I am a student and in the same time I am also a sound technician and a mobile DJ.
Some of my hobbies are sports, exotic pets and of course music. The reason I chose to join this project is that I have previous experiences with students from other countries and besides having lots of fun and making new friends. I had a few things to learn from them. So I hope this experience will be the most interesting one.