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General Information

Colleagues, friends and relatives,

During the last semester of 2011-2012, the Dutch students are involved in a minor, called "International HRM".

While writing a paper concerning international HRM issues, they have prepared a presentation on four different topics, which will be elaborated upon during the project week in Romania.
In the mean time Romanian students of the West University are recruited and selected for this programme. They will prepare a paper on simular topics. They will perform different presentations on these topics during the first formal session on Thurday afternoon or Friday morning May 26 and 27, 2011.

The topics are:
· Recruitment and Selection
· Career planning
· Leadership and management development

In the next pages you will be informed regarding the progress of this project.

Enjoy this enriching experience!

Kor van der Helm
Project Coordinator
Ede Christian University for Applied Sciences