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Nando Kasteleijn

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Professional Career opportunities and realities in Romania / The Netherlands

Group 2: Professional Career opportunities and realities in The Netherlands

                  Esther                  Irene                                                                         Caroline       Rozemarijn

Hello my name is Esther Burkhard. I am 20 years old and I live in Ede in the Netherlands. I am a third grade Human Resource Management student. My hobbies are shopping, hanging out with friends, watching movies and listening to music. I am looking forward to visit Romania. I like to discover other countries and cultures. See you soon in Romania!

My name is Irene Koppejan and I am 21 years old. I look forward to meet you and to visit Romania. I am the person next to the ‘M’ in the picture. The letter M means ‘Mens’ in Dutch, which means Human in English. This is my third year as a Human Resources student at the Christian University of Applied Sciences in Ede, Holland.

Hi everyone! My name is Caroline de Wit and I’m just 20 years old. Well, if you want to know which one of the four students in the picture is me: I’m the one who’s standing closest to the O of M&O. M&O is the business department of the Christian University of Applied Sciences. This academy has two majors: Business Administration and Human Resource  Management. I receive education in the last one and it’s my third year now. I really like this study and hope to get work in this field of study after my graduation (hopefully) next year.  I’m looking forward to the trip to Romania, because I’m curious about the way of living and studying in Romania. I hope you are also looking forward to our visit at your country and university.  Hope to see you there!

Hello, my name is Rozemarijn Mol. I am a third year human resource management student from the Christelijke Hogeschool Ede.  I have chosen this study because there is a social side and a business side. The last half year I did an internship within IBM, based in Amsterdam. I was a member of the Benelux Recruitment team and contact for the IBM Internship desk. In my spare time I like to sail, play volleyball, travel, and go out with friends. I am excited about the trip to Romania because I am interested in the culture of Romania. I hope to learn new things about business and HRM.
I am looking forward meeting you!

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