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International Training and Development

Introduction Group 5: International Training and Development

We are four students of Human Resource Management at the Christian University of Applied Sciences (CHE) in the Netherlands. We are now in the third year of our study. Besides classmates are we friends. In the last week of October we’re going to Timisoara together. We are looking forward to it, because we want to learn more about IHRM, the Romanian culture and to work together with the students of the VEST University.


From left to right: Esther van de Kieft, Anne-Louise van Beem, Cynthia Kleinlugtebeld and Anne Boot.

Esther van de Kieft: Hi, I am Esther and I am 19 years old. I was born in the big city Utrecht and now I live in small town. I live with three other students. I like the freedom you have as a student and the fact that you can do everything on your own way. I study Human Resource Management at the Christian university of applied science. I'm in my third year now. I choose this study, because I like the contacts you have with employees in an organization. I also like to be the a connection between the manager, the employee and his interest. To motivate an employee and bring out the best of him/her.

Anne-Louise van Beem: Hey there! I’m Anne-Louise, a 20 years old girl. I live in a village called Kesteren, close to Ede. Besides studying at the CHE I’m working for the school as a promotional staff. In my free time I meet my friends or family, go shopping and have a lot of fun with my boyfriend. HR is interesting for me, because I like to work with employees in an enterprise and I think HR has an important role in a company. I like to visit you in October and to learn more about IHRM in your country. Greets, Anne-Louise.

Cynthia Kleinlugtebeld: Hi there, my name is Cynthia Kleinlugtebeld. I am 19 years old and study Human Resource management. I live in Ede in a house with 5 other girls. This is very cosy, sometimes a little crowded, but most of the time a lot of fun. It feels like family. The thing I like most about human resources is that it brings out the best for both parties. When you work in this department you try and find the best option for the employer as well as for the employee. You want the company to make a profit, but you also want to find the best fit for the employee. You want them to have fun in their work and be happy with it. I like this challenge and this is something that triggers me to work even a little harder to be the best in what I do.

Anne Boot: Hi, I’m Anne Boot, 19 years old and I’m living and studying in Ede. I like the study HRM very much because I like to connect people at work with their managers. Beside that I think it’s interesting to find out where your people are the best in. When I’m not studying I like to go out with some friends, with my boyfriend or my family. Every Saturday I’m baby-sitting in a family with three kids. I’m looking forward to meeting you! See you soon, Anne

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