• Nando Kasteleijn

Nando Kasteleijn

Student Communication

  • Erwin van de Zande

Erwin van de Zande

Student Communication

  • Jeanine Muijs

Jeanine Muijs

Student Nursery


29 October 2014

Good instructions are essential when starting a project in a company!

At the start there is a lot of reading and setting priorities.

It is about Leadership Development from the perspective of three cultures: Romania, Poland and The Netherlands in the context the Lideaa Company is working...


At the Bosch Service Solutions, the group Recruitment and Selection performed a role-play.

And besides difficult discussions, they had a lot of fun too...!

After the role-play, they discussed their performance with an expert of Bosch Service Solutions.

The group Compensations & Benefits collaborated with the group International Training & Development in the setting of the DUO Group SRL Timisoara.

The trainer of the DUO Group used different techniques in order to make the subject clear.

At the end a group picture was requested...!