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Wednesday, 15th

Moral Competence in working internationally - 9:00AM

When you combine a post modern era with a globalized world, you probably get fraud.
Without shared central values, based on a common religion and with a lots of different cultures influencing your business, it's hard to get a sense of morality.

The figures are, of course, hard to verify. But still...
During class we will explore the complexities of doing business without a shared moral framework.

Some requirements:

  • insightful knowledge of the main ethical theories;
  • awareness of your crucial values (in business);
  • reflection upon what's (non) negotiable in business to you;
  • reflection upon Christianity in relation to business ethics;
  • knowledge of crioss cultural business challenges
Yes, you understand correctly; in this topic we will find a kind of hub to other subject.
I will ask you to prepare class along two lines:
  1. Read Fords exploding gas tanks extensively and make up your mind about it...
  2. Fill in the Moral Competency Inventory  
Class will be supported by the following PPT: Business Ethics Abroad - Wednesday January 15