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Tuesday, 21st

Business Practices

Role play and interviews with Dutch students

Case – Job opening EuroGo

You (an American student) have applied for the job mentioned below. You are invited to do a job interview in Utrecht, The Netherlands. You will speak to a senior consultant of EuroGo, the HR manager and one or two possible colleagues you have to work with (all Dutch students).


EuroGo is a European transnational company, specialized in consulting American Companies that are doing business in Europe. The head quarter is in Utrecht (The Netherlands) and the consulting firm has branches in London, Frankfurt, Paris, Geneva, Milan and Bucharest.

The highly skilled staff of EuroGo consists of 13 different nationalities. EuroGo advices American companies about location, regulation, customs and business strategy in the specific European countries. Besides, EuroGo organizes congresses and symposia about doing business in Europe. So far, hundreds of American companies have entered the European market with the support from EuroGo.

EuroGo has an annual turnover of more than € 20 million. It has over 75 consultants all over Europe and because of the growing demand, a new consultant is needed.

The Job

You will start as a junior consultant and you will be supervised by a senior. During the first half year you will be trained on the job. Soon you will get your own projects. You will probably be responsible for organizing business congresses in Amsterdam, Paris and Milan. You will be responsible for small American companies that need consultancy on export possibilities in Europe. You will complete projects for clients under the supervision of a more senior consultant or a Partner. You will be expected to study for the professional exams through the educational institute of Eurogo.

Salary and social benefits depend on age and experience and will be negotiable.
The profile

  1. a business related degree (BA level or higher)
  2. strong analysis and problem solving abilities
  3. cross cultural sensitivity
  4. awareness of own American culture
  5. adaptability to new situations
  6. ability to work in international teams
  7. self-reliance
  8. willingness to study and use at least two foreign languages
  9. willing to live in The Netherlands and to travel at least one week a month
  10. excellent communication skills\
  11. initiative, enthusiasm and flexibility
  12. an ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines and prioritize

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