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Tuesday, 14th

The impact of national cultures for working in organizations - 9.00AM

International HRM (an introduction)
Een introduction by Jan Lok, mainly based on the study of

Terence Jackson, 
International HRM, a cross cultural approach
Sage Publications, London, 2002 (246 pages), ISBN 0 7619 7404 0
Summary by Jan Lok

Some questions to think about ...

  1. What are the consequences for the HR-management of IKEA, working in Spain?
  2. How could IKEA have better adapted itself to the expectations of its local management and workforce in the US?
  3. What kind of companies are the most centralized in their policies (e.g. HRM)?
  4. What are similarities and differences between the French and the American business culture

Please, pay some extra attention to the

Ch. 3 - the American model
Ch. 4 - the Dutch model
Ch. 6 - the British model
Ch. 7 - The European Union
Ch. 11 - the future organisation

And think about the following questions:

  1. Quote: "Particular problem of USA: why American theories might not apply abroad? It simply assumes that what works well in the American culture will naturally work well anywhere in the world." Do you recognize this statement? Please, share your opinion about it.
  2. What are the main differences between Dutch and American business culture as presented by Jackson?
  3. Start to make a small SWOT-analysis in which you compare Dutch and American international companies in the way they deal with the current global economic crisis.

Please, read before class Summary Terence Jackson

The lecture will be supported by Integration Differentation Terence Jackson - Tuesday January 14
 and Pfeffer and Collins 2014