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Thursday, 16th

The first presentations - 8:00AM

Each pair of students present the results of their desk research. Core of the presentation willl be: the five hypotheses. These have to be related to 'culture'.
As we mentioned in the text under 'Assignments': In a presentation of 10-15 minutes to the ‘sounding board’ (your scholar colleagues) you will clarify and argue your hypotheses. You are allowed to be creative in your presentation.

Kor van der Helm (he arrives on Wednesday January, 15th) and Jan Lok will have to assess the presentations.
Important criteria are:

Criteria for the Country Analysis:

  1. Correct description of the cultural elements
  2. Correct analysis, based on integration of theory about cultural management and the information about the country
  3. Correct deduction of hypotheses
  4. Number and relevance of used sources
  5. Verbal persuasion
  6. Professional style

    You will get a mark afterwards (by email), with some feedback from the professors. The mark counts for 25% of the grading process.

    You will get a mark as a pair (trio), unless it's justifiable to make distinctions between the two students.


    After the presentations we will use class to think about the question: 'what is a good company?'
    We use the dissertation of Maarten Verkerk for background information.
    See Responsible behaviour in industrial organisations Maarten J Verkerk

    Presentation Ethical Organizations