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Monday, 27th

International Leadership, specific from European perspective

One of the dominant themes in the management literature today involves the role of leadership in assuring organizational effectiveness. While less significant in the sociological literature on organizations, the literature on organizational psychology, management, and particularly the popular literature, has elevated the leader/manager into one of the prime determinants of organizational success. This is no less true in the world of public science than in the world of commercial business.

This lecture sees leadership as a real service to others, in imitation of Christ: a service that seeks to satisfy needs in a way that contributes to human development and fosters everything that helps others to respond to their own Christian vocation. That service is expressed in love. This, however, does not imply that the Christian vocation is compatible with only one theory of business leadership.

This lecture will view at several aspects of leadership worldwide.
Coming from Europe the input will be an European perspective in all its diversity.

Read before attending the lecture the article of Tim M. Lowder, The Best Leadership Model for Organizational Change Management.

Those, who are even more interested in the subject: read the article of Domenec Mele as well, The Christian Vocation in Business Leadership is also interesting, however it is a bit "dated"...

Tim M. Lowder, The Best Leadership Model for Organizational Change Management
Domenec Mele, The Christian Vocation in Business Leadership

The PowerPoints used in class: International Leadership and Leadership abroad