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J-term Europe 2014

Working Internationally, esp. in Europe

We would like to invite you to participate in the course ‘Working Internationally – Doing Business in Europe’. As guest lecturers from CHE Christian University of Applied Sciences we are looking forward to discuss with you some aspects of European and Dutch culture and how it influences business life, organizations and ... you. If you recognize the following questions, you are more than welcome to participate in this J-term course.

  • Is there such a thing as a European culture?
  • Why are Europeans sometimes so strange?
  • What are European (Dutch) cultural elements in doing business?
  • Why do Europeans have different portrayals about leadership and management?
  • How do we explain differences among between both continents between Christians who both read the same Scripture?
  • What do I have to learn about my own culture if I have to go abroad in business? 

In order to understand the European and Dutch ways of working in a professional job, you need to have some background information about the history and culture of Europe. In this course we will combine our European (Dutch) background and business topics. Therefore, we will address several topics in this course: European Culture; European Integration; Dutch (business) culture; cross cultural management with Europeans; culture and organizational models; culture and leadership and culture and corporate responsibility.
Since we would like to raise awareness of the cultural and organizational differences when doing business in Europe, we will not only teach, but we will also encourage you to work on several assignments in small groups. Besides a written test, there will be two assignments that will help you to understand the differences between the US culture and Dutch culture.

We will try to offer a cross cultural experience as a part of the deal. We're going to teach you 'the Dutch way'. Don't be afraid; most of the Dutch students survive class ;-).
We are looking forward to this course and we are eager to meet you and share our European background and ideas with you and we hope to learn from you.

Jan Lok & Kor van der Helm

Both professors are working at the Business Administration Department of CHE Christian University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands