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Denise Dragnea

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This Strategic Plan 2016-2020 (SP 2020) describes the strategic course the CHE intends to steer in the coming years. It is intended to give direction. 

This plan is also intended to inspire and motivate and offer our employees and external stakeholders a framework for the things we want to accomplish. We realise that this plan is not going to be finished in the next four years, but in fact provides perspective for a longer period. 

Every academy and service works with a multi-year plan in which this course is worked out in greater detail. We make concrete goals in an annual framework letter both on the institutional level and on the academy and service level.
The CHE will focus on five goals:  

Professional communities in a networking society
CHE wants to be a place that brings people together, so connections between students, alumni and professional partners are high on the agenda.

Social sustainability and globalising society
In our teaching, we have a heart for all the cultures in our society, including groups that would not automatically join in.

Strong professional identity in a dynamic labour market
The job market is changing at an ever-increasing rate. As a professional, you can adapt along with it without compromising your values.

Flexible learning in a knowledge-intensive society
We want to make sure our courses can be a good fit for the people who want to continue their education while working. This means demand-based and flexible course offerings.

Improving sensitivity to the regional job market 
CHE aims for a good connection with the labour market in the Food Valley region.

The students at CHE stand out. You can tell CHE students by their strong professional identity. They know who they are and have the ability to build and maintain a community. They have a heart for all the cultures in our society and beyond. They know how to overcome differences between groups. They are flexible and can move with changes in society. The world needs people that have their feet planted firmly on the ground and can be there for others. Then there can be places filled with hope. 

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