• Denise Dragnea

Denise Dragnea

International student

  • Antoni Andras

Antoni Andras

International Student

  • Bianka Bulla

Bianka Bulla

International student



Christelijke Hogeschool Ede (Christian University of Applied Sciences) is a higher professional education institution and knowledge center. Staff members and students give shape to a learning and work community that focuses on:

  • Developing and providing high quality professional education, through which students are formed as Christians, equipped and trained to be (starting) professionals;
  • Developing, sharing and applying knowledge, which is made available (commercially or non-profit) to a society with multiform worldviews.

The CHE submits in all her activities to the authority of the Bible and adheres to the belief that the Bible has normative authority as the infallibly and authoritatively inspired Word of God, as expressed in the Reformed Confessions.

The target profile of a CHE graduate includes the following elements:

  • The student is motivated, has expertise and up-to-date knowledge of his field, is internationally oriented, and carries out his profession in a scrupulous and responsible manner.
  • The student is able to account for his professional behavior from a Christian view on the profession, relating to other convictions and viewpoints in a well-balanced and respectful manner.
  • The student has developed a sense for the spiritual aspect of life. Not only does the student know ‘what he must do to earn a living’, he also is aware of ‘who he is and what his purpose in life is’.

Concerning areas of knowledge, CHE aims to be recognized and actively consulted as a leading knowledge center and breeding ground for leaders on a professional education level.